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If you find yourself facing criminal charges in Pasadena, the Los Angeles Area, or throughout Southern California, you should not risk your future by going to trial un- or under- represented. Not only is it your Constitutional right to have access to a defense attorney, but it is also in your best interests to secure the best possible representation for the specific practice area relevant to the crime of which you have been accused.

Our Experience

At Pasadena Criminal Attorney, we have served the communities of Southern California for many years with top-tier, exceptionally successful legal advice and representation. We pair our extensive knowledge of the California Penal, Vehicle, and Health & Safety Codes with deep experience of the inner workings of local California courtrooms. We often are already familiar with the judge, prosecutors, and local courthouse rules and processes before even walking into the courtroom. This gives us a distinctive advantage in every case we take on.

Our Practice Areas

We at Pasadena Criminal Attorney have expertise across a broad range of practice areas. In fact, we can assist you in winning the best possible outcome in nearly every type of criminal case imaginable. But to give you an idea of what we do from day to day, here is a partial list of some of our most common case-types:

  • DUI and DUID. We frequently help those facing loss of their license and other penalties for DUI Alcohol or DUI Drugs win an acquital, dismissal, or a reduced charge or sentence.
  • Non-DUI Driving Offenses. We handle many cases dealing with such things as moving violations, driving without a valid license, wet or dry reckless driving, vehicular manslaughter, and vehicular homicide.
  • Drug Crimes. From marijuana possession to possession for sale to interstate drug trafficking, we cover every kind of drug crime with top-tier legal defense.
  • Assault and/or Battery. We know how to build a solid defense against allegations of assault and of battery across a wide range of specific situations, for we have handled numerous such cases over the years.
  • Domestic Violence. It is exceedingly common for people to be falsely accused of domestic violence crimes or for the charges to be greatly exaggerated. We know how to get to the bottom of it all and win your case.
  • Sex Crimes. No other class of crimes will do more damage to your reputation, and the consequences of a conviction can be severe and long-lasting. But at Pasadena Criminal Attorney, we do not shy away from sex crimes defense. We realize how common false charges are in this practice area, and we know the most effective defense strategies to use to win your case.
  • Fraud Crimes. It is not only the "high and up" who are accused of fraud crimes. It is often the poor, and it can be those of nearly any occupation. We cover the full gamut of fraud crimes defense, from insurance fraud to credit card or check fraud to financial elder abuse, to illegal gambling practices.
  • Theft Crimes. California theft crimes include: grand theft, petty theft, auto theft, embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds, burglary, pick-pocketing, shoplifting, robbery, and more. We have dealt with them all and know how to form the best possible defense to every case we take on.
  • Murder. These high-profile cases are shied away from by many, but we at Pasadena Criminal Defense have expertise here as well. Whether the charge is first or second degree, we know how to build you a solid defense.

Our Commitment to You

Whether you or your loved one are being accused of a misdemeanor or a felony, and regardless of the details of your case, we are confident we have the expertise to assist you in your hour of need.

At Pasadena Criminal Attorney, we are committed to securing the best possible outcome for each and every client we serve. We always fight first and foremost for a dismissal or acquittal, but when necessity demands, we are also able to deploy or well seasoned negotiation skills to win you a favorable plea deal.

As we are confident you will be willing to entrust us with your case, once you speak with one of our experienced lawyers over the phone, we do not hesitate to offer you a free, no-obligation legal consultation. Simply call us anytime 24/7/365 at 626-689-2277 to speak to us about your case and to get started on building a solid defense.

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